Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random thoughs 01-07-07

Just a few random thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning:

1) Is the world better off with Sadam Hussain hung? My gut reaction is no. I'm becoming more and more anti-death penalty. In this case, we have one thug hung by other thugs, the better for the original thug to become a martyr. In the meantime more of our troops die defending the Iraqui government, a group that seems unable to control itself. I say it's time to let these guys fight it out for themselves, since they seem so determined to continue in civil war.

2) Harriet Miers is quietly resigning to go back to private life. It was my support of Ms. Miers for the Supreme Court that earned me the appelation of "worst blog on the web" from another reviewer blogger. I still think she would have made a good Supreme Court Justice. Anyone who has studied the Court's history knows that many of the "best-prepared" nominees turned out to be mediocre Justices while some of the "least-prepared" turned out to be great. In Ms. Miers case we didn't get to find out, mainly due to her moderate politics rather than any thing else.