Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Voice of Reason

Tamar Jacoby is a major voice of reason within the immigration debate. Required reading for anyone interested in a rational take on the subject. As she says in one of her articles:

"I believe that immigration is driven by market forces, and that by and large it is good for the U.S. Our challenge today is to find a way to control it - not pretend that it doesn’t exist or that we can simply wish it away."

Jacoby stands against those descendants of the 1850's American Party (known as the "Know-Nothings") who

"hold that we can seal our borders, do without immigrants, and easily drive the 11 million illegal immigrants already here to leave the country by enforcing existing laws."

As Jacoby says later on in her article, those folks who make this argument have "their heads in the sand."

Here's the link:

  • Debating Immigration
    An analyst defends herself, and her critics rejoin

  • And here's a link to some more from the erudite and thought provoking Ms. Jacoby:

  • Tamar Jacoby
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