Sunday, June 03, 2007

Immigration debate shows true colors of right wing

I've been busy for the last few months with both my real life job and my graduate studies in history, but I can't put off weighing in on the Immigration bill debate any longer. The right wing groups in the Republican party (and a few right wing Democrats) remind me of the anti-integration groups of the 1950's and the 1960's. Back then the same rhetoric was used against liberals who wanted the laws changed so that a minority of our society could be allowed to take full advantage of American citizenship. The George Wallaces and the Marvin Griffins and the Strom Thurmonds of that era sounded very similar to the Tom Tancredos and the John Cornyns and the Tom Coburns our own era. Lest anyone thinks that I'm oversimplifying or unjustly demonizing those who don't support President Bush and the majority of the Senate on this bill, I offer as evidence the following article from the New York Times "President’s Push on Immigration Tests G.O.P. Base" (NYT Registration required).

My favorite quote from the article? Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma). "We are not all that stupid." Oh, yes you are Senator, don't underrate yourself. Here's a nice website on the good senator.

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political forum said...

I think there is racism behind the anti-illegals. It's not pure racial intolerance, but just that they see themselves as being invaded by a foreign group. This hurts the base in more than just terms of a racial comfort zone. Illegals may be costing them in terms of competition for jobs. I think that it's not pure racism, but race is definitely a major factor behind the anti-illegal drive.