Sunday, October 14, 2007

Terence Moore: Tomlin

College Football still not committing to diversity in hiring of head coaches.

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Terrence Moore is one of the better sports columnists writing today. He reminds me a little of the late great Ralph Wiley, who mixed commentary on American society and race relations in his sports writings. The best sports writers, such as Jerry Izenburg , Paul Zimmerman, and Pat Jordan do that, and Moore is fast becoming one of the best writers around. You might not know it if you read some of the comments and letters sent to the Atlanta Journal Constitution though, as there is apparently a segment of the Georgia population that virulently hates Moore, even if he writes something they agree with. My own take is that Moore is a talented, courageous writer, but some folks are going to hate him for being different from themselves. Moore is totally right on in this article, but then he usually is.

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