Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Reading

My official summer vacation actually finally starts Monday, June 16. Among the plans this summer are to clean sweep the house, haul away most of our "stuff" that we really don't need. Somewhere along the way I have some ambitious reading plans. I've been in a sort of escapist mood for some reason, fantasy and pulp authors holding the interest for the time being. Here are some of the books I've got on the night stand:

Imaro, by Charles R. Saunders

Imaro 2: The Quest for Cush, by Charles R. Saunders

The Third Cry to Legba and Other Invocations : The Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman (Vol. 1) (Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman)

Echoes of Valor II, edited by Karl Edward Wagner

Frost, by Donald Wandrei

Hok the Mighty, by Manly Wade Wellman

Some of these are new reads, some are rereads of old favorites. I'll review each as I complete them, for anyone interested.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Is it football season yet?


Spider63 said...

No shit. Is it football season yet! From the end of the Super-Bowl until training camp starts, it is like five months of nothing. ESPN just pimps the same basketball crap to death. March Madness means Dick Vitale, and the guy is about 85 when he retires I might start to like basketball.

I have not read Manly Wade Wellman. Is it anything exciting?

Steven R. Harbin aka coachhollywood67 said...

I like Manly Wade Wellman a lot. It depends on whether or not you like the old time pulp authors and their works or not. Wellman's best stuff is probably his John the Balladeer stories. I'd check those out first if you think you might be interested.
Regarding this long period between seasons. The Olympics is coming up, and I'm a track and field, wrestling and weight lifting fan, but usually coverage is so poor for those sports that it kills some of the joy for me. I actually did start to appreciate basketball this year a little, but I'm still a die hard football fan, who gets happier the closer we get to fall, even though it means my summer vacation will be over!