Saturday, December 03, 2011

Will He or Won't He? And other questions of note...

Herman Cain makes his big announcement today, regarding whether or not he plans to stay in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination.  My guess is that he'll stay in.  Both he and most of his followers tend to ignore reality as much as possible.  It's almost a badge of honor for them to ignore any facts they don't care for. guess is that the stays in for now.  I'm further guessing that Cain's campaign is still basically toast...but that he'll string this out for as long as possible.  Always remember T. S. Eliot's comment on endings:
Not with a bang, but a whimper.

In a much more important question, of the day.  LSU or the University of Georgia?   I'm picking LSU, though I think the Georgia boys will at least make things respectable for about 3 quarters.  If there's going to be an upset today, I think it will be Oklahoma over Oklahoma State.   Which will of course make all the SEC die-hard fans who want to see a LSU vs. Alabama re-match happy. 
Check back in a few hours...

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