Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Musings, 02-10-13

As usual, everyone else in the house is asleep except for me and a couple of the cats. In their defense they worked late last night (one of them until the 5 AM hour) so I can understand why they're all nocturnal these days (both the people family members as well as the kitties). I'm working on some book reviews that I should have finished days or even weeks ago, while also taking breaks to scan the news in the world of politics and sports. I won't comment much on the news today, except to say that I'm looking forward to our newly re-elected President's (how I truly enjoy writing those words :) State of the Union Speech set for this Tuesday. I hope and pray he continues to fight off right wing attempts to slash social programs, but we'll see. I know too much history to ever be sanguine that the conservatives in congress won't continue to try to return us to the 1920's or the 1870's or even the 1850's in terms of slashing individual rights and government protections. Still, "hope springs eternal in the human breast" as our old friend Alexander Pope wrote.
On the sports side, I'm doing what I usually do this year when football season is over and track and field hasn't really started in earnest, and I'm trying to catch up on the basketball scene. I assume that the NBA is going as usual with the Lakers dominating and the Clippers in the cellar. Wait...say what? You say the Clippers are currently 35-17 while the Lakers are under .500 with a 24-27 record? Has Jack Nicholson had a nervous breakdown?  Unbelievable.  Well, that's ok, I'm sure in the college ranks that Kentucky is still near the top of the rankings.  Hmm...? They're not ranked in the top 25??? Still, they are 17-6, good for anyone else, an off year for them or Duke.  Guess I'll have to start actually watching some games and paying attention to the news, as March Madness looms. On the high school level I'll try to sneak in a wrestling match maybe, as hopefully the Ga Public Broadcast system will televise the state championships here soon.
For a list of what I'm currently reading please go check out my literary / book blog Coach's Reviews   . Current TV shows that I'm obsessed with include Parks and Recreation, The Middle, Modern Family, The Neighbors and Suburgatory. I was afraid the later might have jumped the shark with the"Black Thai" episode, wherein I just couldn't get into the hip hop dance off between the characters, but I though the series came back on solid ground with "Body Talk." On a sadder note, I was disappointed to see Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 cancelled. I was really wanting to see what might happen between June (Dreama Walker) and Mark (Eric Andre)'s characters. Bummer.
On a more highbrow note, my inner Anglophile wants to watch Downton Abbey, if only to see Hogfather's Michelle Dockery again, but I'm just not in the mood for drama these days.  Too much of it in the news in real life and in my history books, so I guess I'll just have to watch some DVD's of Jeeves and Wooster and perhaps the BBC adaptation of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones. Perhaps my inner Anglophile will be satisfied with that for the time being...

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