Sunday, January 20, 2008

Of Rants Never Written

For the longest time (or so it seems) I've been remiss in actually posting any personal thoughts to the blog. Plenty of DIGG story links, but nary a opinionated peep. Lots of reasons (excuses really) - the blues, work and home responsibilities, the trouble of having one computer in a four person household, - the list could go on.
It's not like there hasn't been a lot out there to raise my ire and blood pressure. Here are just a few that I should have spoken out on:
(1) The failure of the NCAA and division 1 colleges to consider hardly any minority candidates for head coaching positions in college football, a travesty that continues seemingly unabated.
(2) The fervent desire among a certain segment of Republicans who want to self destruct over the immigration issue, even to the point of refusing to nominate anyone remotely electable. Of course, as my son the teen age philosopher pointed out, this will probably be good for us Democrats in the next year.
(3) The chaos of the Atlanta Falcons and their search for a new head coach.
(4) Facebook vs. Myspace - what does your preference say about you?
(5) Life with cats and teenagers, also crazy dogs...
Stay tuned, perhaps the muse will return...

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